This Program

Health Industry ExpertsAny health institution operating in low-income communities worldwide are welcome to apply to get medical devices and tools required.

A group of acknowledged American experts evaluates and selects the candidates to receive the donations.

The candidate institutions to receive Medical Equipment donations should designate a person who will be responsible to follow up the application process.

Complete our APPLICATION FORM, providing the basic information about your hospital and/or health institution and its needs. Include a short plain text explaining:

  • How the medical equipment donation would help your institution
  • How many people would be beneficiaries
  • What’s the profile of patients
  • How is the community where the hospital works (rural, urban, semi-urban)
  • What would be the impact of this donation in the community.

Also include a list of medical equipment required of which value can not exceed USD 1,000,000.00 (one million dollars from the United States of America) to be shipped in a 40 ft. container.

Please, take notice that your hospital or health institution must lock on the financial resources for the Medical Equipment future maintenance as well as afford an administration fee that should not be more than 5% of the value of equipment donated.

Selected applicants will be contacted to start the formal process to be part of the Wings of Love, Inc. NonProfit Network beneficiaries, after submissions are evaluated by our experts team.

Please, send your application from an institutional email address that can be verified.

Be aware that the donation process may take up to twelve months after your application is accepted.