Wings of Love, Inc. - Medical Equipment Donation ProgramAmerican Health Industry companies that sponsor and support Wings of Love, Inc. nonprofit programs have joined efforts to donate Medical Equipment for low-income communities worldwide.

The Wings of Love New Medical Equipment Donation Program for hospitals and/or health institutions operating in low-income communities worldwide was launched early 2012.

If you represent a hospital, health institution or non-profit organization working on the Health Industry sector, APPLY HERE to participate in the program.

A Wings of Love specialized team will review your application jointly with a group of American Health Industry experts.

If your health institution does not have enough financial resources to afford administration fees of donation process and/or the Medical Equipment maintenance, Wings of Love can develop a long term fundraising strategy for expenses related to your donated Medical Equipment.

Wings of Love, Inc. is a nonprofit network based in Las Vegas, Nevada, with offices in Los Angeles, California and Mexico City, serving local and international communities since 1996.